The Magnum Opus, A Step by Step Course

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It has always been my position that there is more to life, to reality, and to what is possible for human beings. As a practicing Alchemist I know that people are far more capable than they may suspect and that it is possible for those with the right knowledge and dedication to escape the three-dimensional walls that trap us all on this planet.

This course is a step by step formula on how to achieve this. It is not just a ‘red pill’, because such red pill enlightenment is not enough. Indeed, enlightenment without power can be a curse: knowing the walls are there but having no way to get out can be hell on Earth.
This course shows you how to acquire all the power that you will ever need to escape these walls, and it provides those ready for it, much more.
Within the pages of this text, you will find:
The way towards effortless action and unbending intent.
The truth about the Great Archon and the prison without walls.
The reason why your attempts at Inner Action (magick, manifestation, astral travel, etc.) up to this point may have been unreliable and weak.
How to find personal enlightenment and uncover the structure of your psyche.
The power of personal attention and how to master it.
How to open THE GATE in order to become a true sorcerer/sorceress.
How to absorb all negative energy in the present and how to gain power from this action.
How to absorb entire negative situations in order to completely stop negative trends and what some might refer to as a wave of bad luck.
How to PROPERLY re-absorb all lost energy from your ENTIRE LIFE HISTORY and gain immense power. This is the technique that some may know as recapitulation, Tantric cleansing, etc.
Information on energetic storage (the Cauldron).
How to heal all energetic wounds accumulated after a lifetime of suffering.
How to use two energy pumps simultaneously.
How to refine accumulated energy in order to start the process of creating the PHILOSOPHER’S STONE.
How to use the power of the Philosopher’s Stone to begin to change your life situation by using powerful thought-forms.
The course includes illustrations, exercises, and a general ‘workout’ routine to help you reach your goal.
Indeed, this is a complete course on the MAGNUM OPUS! Here you have found The Great Work of Inner Alchemy, presented in a clear and straightforward manner. There are no riddles, no cryptic symbolism, no initiation rituals, and no hidden secrets to weed out the uninitiated.
This is the truth, the Magnum Opus; this is the Great Work that shows you how to create the Philosopher’s Stone, and how to use that Stone to go beyond the walls that now trap human beings on this Earth.
There is really no more time for games and riddles. We only have time now for the plain truth.
Some have asked why present this course as a book? Why not make a video course or some other digital format that is more popular in these times? And the reason for this is quite simply: time.
I have been around long enough to see many things come and go, and my senses have become keen enough to see some of the intricacies of this world. Through such experience and perceptions, I have seen things peak and wane, and I have seen many things lost within the medium of time.
Videos and digital formats require a complex system to work and be maintained, and such complex systems are usually the first to fall or change when exposed to the brutal torrents and extreme pressures of time.
But a print book (as well as an eBook for your convenience), that is something that you can keep in your personal library for a lifetime with only moderate care. And history has shown us that a simple book can outlast even whole civilizations.


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